Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life Without Satellite v.2 - Week 2

Totally cut the cord now for the past two weeks and we are still alive.

I think you just get so used the convenience of cable/dish, etc., but we are getting more accustomed to the changes.

Purchasing Amazon Firesticks definitely made the change easier. Combined with the Sony Playstation Vue app and programming has made the transition much easier.

Vue is available on either the Roku or the Firestick as an app. Firestick has a "guide" similar to what your are used to on cable and/or dish.

Amazon had their "Prime Day" last week and had a great deal on the Firesticks, $15 off the normal price, so I purchased one more to put on the last TV in our house that did not have one.

I upgraded to the stick with the voice remote that has "Alexa" (For Apple users, Siri). Pretty cool function.

I am actually watching MORE TV right now, not sure if that is good or not. My wife has been able to view all of her shows either by the new HD antenna we purchased, or on the Vue. We got a free trial of the HBO Now app for one month. If we want to continue to use, it will be $14.99/month. That still puts us at $44.94 TOTAL for our new system. We were paying $51.99 for our basic package with DirecTV PLUS fees for EACH receiver, taxes, etc. that was bring our bill to over $80/month. We are getting MORE channels now for LESS cost.

I am feeling very confident that we have finally cut the cord for good. With the increased streaming of live television with the various apps, the ease of use is getting better and better all of the time.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about "Cutting the Cord." I am more than happy to assist anyone out there to make the leap.



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