Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life Without Satellite TV - part 2

It has been almost one month since I "cut the cable" and ditched my satellite television provider, DirecTV...and yes, I am still breathing.  No major depression or withdrawal in the Peterson home yet.

I am continuing to use my homemade "Boxee Box" to access various Internet video feeds and it is working like a charm.  I was going to purchase a Roku player, but honestly, I have not seen the need to.  We have become accustomed to watching television programs one day later than it is actually broadcast, but that is what we were doing anyway when we had a DVR with our satellite system.

Our compromise to completely "cutting the cable" was to actually GET basic cable television from our local provider, Three River Digital, and that seems to be working just fine.  All of the major networks are there plus a few bonuses....all for just $14.95/month.  Now, don't get me wrong, basic cable is just that, BASIC.  The picture is analog and not digital, so that is a little annoying, but I still plan on getting a roof-top antenna to access local HD signals over-the-air.  With -50 wind chill in Nebraska, I don't see me climbing on my roof anytime soon, so this will have to be a Spring project!

The family has not revolted yet, as my son, Connor spends most of his time watching his favorite television series episodes on the Wii using our monthly Netflix subscription of $7.99/month.

My wife is fairly satisfied with the switch with the only network she can't watch on the Boxee being the Food Network.  That is her only concern right now, so hopefully that will be available soon.  We can still hook up her laptop to the television and watch those programs, but we are trying to keep things as simple as possible without having to un-hook and hook up various computers.  The episodes are available on iTunes for a subscription, but we are trying to SAVE money.

So, in summary, so far, so good!  We are saving nearly $100/month by making this switch, and honestly, it is NOT THAT BAD!

I am sure at some point in the future, satellite and cable television will go the way of the "land line" telephone and we will be telling our grandchildren, "I remember when I had to watch television on satellite!"



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